Settled Pest and Weed Control – Part of the Settled Group™

Effective and Affordable

At Settled Pest and Weed Control – Sydney, we specialise in providing effective and affordable pest and weed control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced, insured, licensed professionals are dedicated to delivering quality service, ensuring that our customers have a clean and pest-free environment.

A Comprehensive Approach

In addition to our pest and weed control services, as part of the Settled Group Enterprise we also offer a range of other services including turf management, building inspections, and construction. Our expertise in these areas allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to pest and weed control, as we are able to identify and treat the underlying causes of infestations.

All Your Services Under One Roof

Having all of these services under one roof provides a number of benefits to our customers, including convenience, cost savings, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is being well-maintained. Whether you’re dealing with a pest problem, need a building inspection, or are looking to upgrade your property with construction services, Settled Group has got you covered.

Our Services

Our Services